Prison Book Program provides educational materials


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Why are books so important to prisoners:
Being under lock and key Latinos and Black represent the majority in incarcerated without a G.E.D. Your Prison Book Program helps many inmates such as myself to educational and other special needs provided as well as assistance in filling out their necessary paperwork.

The dictionary helps inmate’s individual skills [such] as writing a cover letter and assessing my own skills without the help of other inmates. There are books which can help you do this like a dictionary to help find a word. A well written resume is so important in job hunting.

Why are dictionaries the most requested book:
Dictionaries help a person find a word and write, and help people to find a sentence and read. It helps how they interpret the word being said, and correct spelling.

What are prisoners doing with their dictionaries:
Prisoners are developing spelling and writing skills and reading and interpreting the words being said.

-Submitted by Santiago William
Elmira Correctional Facility, New York