Prisoners use dictionaries to improve literacy


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The following post was transcribed exactly as it was received in order to show the importance and impact of books on prisoners, especially those who speak English as a second language and those with low literacy skills.

Why are book's so important to Prisoner: bein under lock & key Latinos and Black representan the mayoria in incarceratd. Your Prison Book Program help many inmate
with out a G.E.D (as myself) to an Educational as well as assistance in filling out ther necessary paperwork. And the Dictionary help inmate skills such as writin a cover letter and assessing my own skills without the help of other inmates. There are book which can help you do this like a dictionary helps finding a word. A well-written resume is so important in job hunting. Prisoners are developing spelling and writing skills and when reading can interpret the words being said.

-Submitted by an inmate who wishes to remain anonymous


don_seiffert said...

dictionaries don't help with grammer, unfortunately. I think a lot of people (like the author of that paragraph) still needs a teacher to help practice writing.

don_seiffert said...

and yes I misspelled grammar just now.