Inmate needs dictionary for spelling


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The following post was transcribed exactly as it was received, misspellings and all. The Prison Book Program blog thinks it is important for its readers to see the impact of dictionaries and other educational books on inmates.

Why are dictionaries the most requested book? Well flatout there are a lot of people put in prison who can not spell -- myself inculed is one of them and is why the dicionaiey is most requested. And every one like to spell correctly when they write a letter home, or to there girl, or to there homeboys, or to there homegirl or there family. Or corts. I'am not a very good speller and the dictionariey has and still will inprove my spelling when and if I ever get another dictionariey. I got to ask for one [a dictionary] again.

-Submitted by Joshua Faulkner
Isaac Ray, Larned, Kansas