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Welcome to the Prison Book Program's new blog!

The Prison Book Program has been providing inmates with free
reading materials since 1972. Over the years we've heard from countless prisoners who are grateful to have access to books for a number of reasons. Many inmates have limited literacy skills and are thankful to receive dictionaries or reference books to improve their reading skills. Others are simply glad to have books for something to do. Some inmates have been profoundly changed by books they read in prison and want to share their insights with the world. And thousands of prisoners simply enjoy having access to comics, philosophy books, novels in foreign languages, historical texts, autobiographies, thrillers, westerns, legal handbooks, GLBT literature, cookbooks, GED study guides, religious texts, and the dozens of other reading materials the Prison Book Program sends out, free of charge.

Our goal is to share the writing of these grateful prisoners with you. We'll be posting essays and letters about reading, books, the Prison Book Program, learning, and other relevant topics, all written and submitted by inmates. We'll also be posting news about our program and we'll share information about how you can get involved.

Stay tuned!


Kimberly said...

So glad to see this blog has been started! Looking forward to keeping up with you guys.